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The club originated with a group of model glider pilots who flew on Sunday evenings from the northern edge of the current location over thirty years ago when it was a Council rubbish dump. Hence the name Sunset Soaring. When the tip was closed and the sports oval was created, the club became more formal and hired the oval on Sunday mornings, as afternoons are often too windy. Over time, electric technology has improved dramatically and equipment prices have dropped which has encouraged many more people to join us. Over the last few years, we have added more days, so that we now have a year round Permanent Council booking for Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays from 9am to 1pm.

We believe that the Club is now one of the largest electric flying clubs in NSW. The club is a member of Australian Miniature Aerosports Society. This organisation provides instructor training courses and materials, and public liability insurance.

Several times per year we have a Sunday morning Fun Fly which is a family barbecue plus some very low key competition to encourage members of all skill levels to enjoy themselves.

In addition we hold Show and Tell evenings where members are encouraged to give a brief description of some interest or skill they have. For examples, see member activities.

Our membership is wide and varied, with many different interests and skills. Club members come from a diverse background, but they have in common their passion for flying. A number of club members are airline or private pilots. Others are highly skilled in designing, building and test-flying model aircraft – something that is just not possible with full scale aircraft. See member profiles.

The club caters for Sydney-siders interested in flying radio controlled gliders and electric powered model aircraft.

We welcome visitors and new members, including beginners to our hobby. Senior members at the club can provide advice and hands on instruction to beginners. We encourage you to come along and talk to us before purchasing a model and radio gear. Insurance cover (which is essential if you wish to fly models) is available at low cost via the Australian Miniature Aerosports Society, with which our club is affiliated..

If you are a AMAS member, you are welcome to come flying with us for a very nominal fee – to go towards hire of the field. Non AMAS members who are interested in learning to fly can visit at no charge on two occasions before we need to talk about financial contributions.