Visitor Information

Broken but repairable
Oops! Broken but repairable.

Visitors are always welcome, but for safety and insurance reasons members of the public are not allowed on the oval itself on model flying days between 9am and 1pm. Please use the bitumen perimeter path and the grassed area to the north.

Council requires the Club to hold Public Liability insurance as a condition of sports ground hire. This insurance is negotiated on the Club’s behalf by its Australian parent body for its members who are subject to fairly stringent safety regulations. The conditions of the policy don’t allow members of the public on the oval during club operations. Before starting operations at 9am we place safety cones around the perimeter of the field to show that it is in use.
These arrangements have worked very well in the past and the club has an excellent safety record for over 30 years’ use of Golden Jubilee.

Dogs: please note that dogs are to be kept on leash until after 1pm.