Who we are

CNC machiningSlowpoke frameworkCub wing - 182 pieces of wood

Sunset Soaring Club has a large group of members with diverse backgrounds:

  • The Juniors are young people with an interest in aviation, and often develop their knowledge and skills towards a career in aviation. They are usually very competent with technology, quick learners and impress the rest of us with their fast reflexes!
  • The club has many airline and private pilots who bring us valuable aerodynamic knowledge and skills in aircraft handling. Their expertise covers a wide range, from wide body commercial aircraft to gliders. If you want to learn to fly a model, then a full size pilot can bring a whole new depth of understanding to the process.
  • Then there are the carpenters, builders, engineers, scientists, boaties and others who bring a whole raft of designing, building and repair skills to the club. If you want advice on any aspect of design or fabrication, there’s probably someone more than willing to share some knowledge. Ask a fishernman how to tie a knot or ask the biologist about her experience in flying the full size version of your model.

During the week, although anyone is welcome, most fliers are retired or shift workers. The atmosphere is more like an “Aviation Men’s Shed” and the flying is a little less crowded.