2014 Mar 7

Note: please keep up to date with our SSC Code of Conduct v23, which is updated on a regular basis. If you see someone flying dangerously, please ask them to read this booklet put out by CASA which spells out the key Commonwealth Government rules that we all must obey.

Committee MembersContact details for the current SSC Committee

AGMMinutes of previous Annual General Meetings

Field Setup: Detailed instructions at this link. The first members to arrive on any flying day are responsible for setting up the field, and the last to leave must re-install the soccer goalposts (in winter) and put all equipment away and lock up. 

Frequencies: Nearly all members now use 2.4GHz but some still use 36MHz. 36 MHz pilots must use a frequency key – see the SSC Code of Conduct v23 .

Membership FormForms and current fees for new and renewing members

SSC Code of Conduct v23The Club’s code of conduct for members and visitors

Facebook: We now have a closed Facebook page for members to discuss matters relating to SSC or medel flying in general